Why Choose Narragansett Sailing

So you have the itch to either learn to sail, or further your skills!

There are tons of good schools around, each with different philosophies and different slants on how to impart the appropriate knowledge and confidence.

Sailing in a day, a sailor in a weekend

We are a hands-on school....

Low in theory and high on actually doing it. In three days we will take a complete novice and have them sailing out the harbor and into the bay sans instructor! After class completion we have practice time to hone those skills.

Not just a school, a sailing system

We offer...

Sailing Lessons and Coastal Cruising Coaching at our RI based Sailing School, plus Bareboat Chartering and Fractional Sailing with our charter fleet.

You can afford to follow your dreams

We have spent a lot of energy...

in coming up with a formula where folks could “test the water” without having to break the bank.

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Our Great Experience Guarantee

We guarantee you will master the skills in every course you take; or take it again free!

Start your sail on beautiful Narragansett Bay

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