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Published by Rob Lawnsby on Saturday, 4th January 2014 - 4:56PM in Our Story


Give the Gift of Sailing! Someone in your life have an itch to find out what sailing is like? Your Sweetie talk of learning to sail? we have several options for you to give them a gift that will get them on the water.

1. Taste of Sailing: Two  people for two hours for $200. Basically rwo hours on the water sailing on the bay to feel the wind, listen to the slap of the sails and the creak of the rope. You can help sail or just sit back. Your choice!

2. Learn to sail: ASA 101 which is three days on the water with instruction. At the end of the three days the student will know how to sail and be able to take you out on the bay on one of our practice boats!  $995 plus book.

3. Just do a dollar amount of your choosing and they can pick what they want!

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