ASA Courses

Teaches novices how to sail, navigate, and manage a boat

ASA 101 Basic Sailing

With no experience we will have you captaining a basic sailboat in just three days in lighter winds.

Our ASA Courses

We offer ASA 101 ,103, 104, 105, 106, and docking ASA 118

Taste of Sailing

Two people for two hours for $200

To Challenge a Course

No need to actually take a course if you have the skills; Challenge it!

ASA 103 Basic Cruising

Learn docking, basic navigation, anchoring, and sailing in stronger wind.

ASA 104 Intermediate Cruising - Bareboat Certification

Sail Narragansett Bay living onboard learning more navigation and boat systems.

ASA 105 Advanced Coastal Navigation

Includes tides, currents, and how to all those pesky rocks and stuff.

ASA106 Advanced Coastal Cruising

A serious 5 day liveaboard course with currents, fog, night sailing and challenging situations!

ASA 114 Cruising Catamarans

Learn to sail and cruise on a catamaran

ASA 118 Advanced Docking

We offer two different docking courses. Advanced and Single-handed!

Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Sailing!

Cancellation Policy

You hate to miss a class, but what happens if life gets in the way at the last minute?

Private Lessons and Deliveries

We do private lessons on your boat or ours, and will deliver your boat from Norfolk to Maine

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