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Published by Rob Lawnsby on Friday, 30th October 2015 - 5:18PM


We have spent a lot of energy in coming up with a formula where folks could “test the water” without having to break the bank. At Narragansett Sailing we offer a multitude of different paths to try sailing and see if the family thrives with it or not; without making a big financial commitment.

Instead of just a sailing school, we have an integrated  'Sailing System' where you can ease into it and have a plethora of options to round out your experience. We offer Sailing Lessons and Coastal Cruising Coaching at our RI based Sailing School, plus Bareboat Chartering and Fractional Sailing with our charter fleet. Starting as a sailboat dealer years ago, we saw customers struggle with the dilemma of having the desire to get into sailing, but could not justify spending the money to buy a boat without knowing having the knowledge base to make an intelligent decision, not to mention if it was something the family would enjoy or not! So we developed this system to let a budding sailor keep learning and gaining experience until they see the right direction weather it is ownership, chartering, or just bumming time on friends boats!

Our mission Is to provide an integrated system of boats and courses to provide the tools to have a prospective sailor/cruiser acquire the skills, knowledge, and savvy to be able to make intelligent decisions of how, why, and with what boat they want to sail off in. We take a person with an interest in sailing, bring their skills and confidence to a high level in a pleasant and stress free environment, and provide a series of proper boats for that person to then practice and solidify that new knowledge.

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